Undergraduate Research

Within this office, we seek to help undergraduate students in the humanities and social sciences who may be interested in pursuing a PhD upon graduation. In a manner that mirrors the advising for pre-health students, this office works to help students strengthen their applications to PhD programs.

Advising Services

Our advisors are available year-round for individual meetings in order to better know the students, and to remain informed of the students’ academic progress throughout the year. Students are encouraged to schedule meetings with our advisors as soon as they develop an interest in pursuing a PhD so that we can help them plan their academic course schedule taking into account internships, conference attendance and presentations, and GRE preparation in relation to eventual application to PhD programs. In addition to individual advising, the office also provides students with access to GRE preparatory materials and/or preparatory classes.

The Leadership Alliance

As a member of the Leadership Alliance, a consortium of 32 academic institutions dedicated to addressing the shortage of underrepresented minorities in graduate school and the professoriate, Chaminade University has developed relationships with other undergraduate institutions that are willing to admit our students into their summer research programs.

Early exposure to research is highly beneficial to students interested in receiving their PhDs. Students who participate in these programs are sometimes able to receive both publication credit for their work, as well as college credits toward graduation, and are encouraged to present their work at national conferences. Our students have successfully completed numerous nationwide humanities and social sciences internships at institutions including, but not limited to: Harvard University, Yale University, and Purdue University.

Professional Seminars and Preparation Workshops

Throughout the academic year, we sponsor multiple preparatory workshops and seminars for our students to attend. These seminars are intended to educate our students on the graduate school application process, including how to write a Statement of Purpose, a resume, as well as how to interview properly and effectively. Students are also given multiple opportunities to meet with the various university representatives and researchers that we host to give presentations to our students.